This Is Why I’m Hot

December 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

I’ve always loved the song “This Is Why I’m Hot” by Mims. When I started on my journey to building the best me, both inside and out, I was inspired not by a dress that didn’t quite fit, or a special beach destination, or even a health scare. I was inspired by regular women, just like me, who were moms or worked full-time and who were eating clean and changing their bodies through work and persistence.

In the beginning of my fitness journey, I scoured Instagram looking at pictures of women who were in great shape, at pictures of women who were changing their bodies for the better by loosing weight, and at the pictures of healthy meals. I learned about Beachbody and Shakeology.

These folks looked good and the positive energy that came out of the photos was electric. They were striving for progress – not perfection. They were working towards health. They were spiritual. They were hot. (Yes, I am going to exploit this hot theme to its fullest!)

But, more importantly, they were inspiring other people by being vulnerable and sharing their successes and failures.

Through their photos they made me wonder not only how they were so hot, but what exactly they were doing. Now, healthy eating isn’t anything new to me. In fact, if you followed my other blog Mom. Me. Three. then you know I was vegan and struggling to make mindful choices about my family’s health through nutrition and food. I grew up eating healthy food, veggies, etc. That part of the puzzle was something I already knew.

But on my blog I didn’t really talk about exercise which is a very integral part of health because, well, I didn’t really exercise (unless you count carrying my one-year old, a bag of groceries, or every so often dancing in high heels as exercise).

Sure, in my life I’ve had periods (albeit brief) where I’ve been a “gym rat” but I’ve also had periods where I’ve been sedentary and relying on a good metabolism to keep me looking decent. All my life people would ask me, “How are you so thin?” or “What did you do to lose the baby weight?” and my answer was often that I was just lucky or genetics.

As I grow older wiser, I realize that though hope springs eternal youth does not. If I want to be my best (inside and out) from now until eternity I’m going to have to work at it. Luck and genetics do not a healthy person make. Somehow seeing these sweaty pictures of random people getting in shape turned a lightbulb on in my brain. Something clicked and lit a fire under my butt. So I had to get off my butt!

Since then I’ve been working out consistently, eating clean as best I can, and doing all the little extra things that healthy people do, such as taking the stairs at work.

And now I’m trying to pay it forward and to inspire others the way I was inspired!

No, I’m not trained in nutrition, or fitness, and I’m not a doctor. I’m just a regular person, like you, who wants to help other people get in shape and feel great both inside and out. Now when people ask me, I have an answer and something I can point to and say, “This is why I’m hot.”


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