When I was vegan, I lived for my What I Ate Wednesday posts. I loved sharing vegan food with the masses, or the few depending on how many people actually read my blog.

I also love reading other folks’ WIAW posts. It’s inspiring to see what people are eating and, let’s be honest, many of us are a little voyeuristic and love to see what someone else’s life is like. And don’t bother disagreeing with me if you’re here reading this post! Gottcha!

For my other (now retired) blog, my WIAW helped me find my voice through the sharing of food. I hope to do the same thing here.

So what, pray tell, have I been eating?

(Clockwise from left: 1. ground turkey, egg white & quinoa stir-fry with side salad; 2. Turkey, steamed broccoli and carrots over white rice; 3. salad with chicken, pumpkin seeds, roasted brussel sprouts, kale & roasted potatoes; and 4. crispy chicken patty over salad with low-fat yogurt based caesar dressing)

I have been eating the rainbow for lunch! In my general area, healthy lunch-time eating is either really expensive or nearly impossible, so I’ve opted to bring lunch.

I prep my lunches either all in one day or the night before and it saves so much time and I know I’m eating well. Not only that, but I know 100% what’s in my food. I don’t have to wonder about how many calories the dressing has or whether the sauce has high fructose corn syrup in it. It also gives me portion control.

Although I’m not watching what I eat to lose weight (quite the opposite, actually) I think it’s still important to practice portion control and to know what a real portion should look like.

If you think you don’t have time to meal prep or make your lunch I say that’s rubbish! It truly does not take long. For meal meal one (pictured above) it took me maybe 30 minutes to make an entire pan of this stuff. That’ll last me a week!

So that I’m not stuck with the same flavor everyday, I added pesto to some of the containers and spicy sauce to the others. I threw a punch of salad in five plastic baggies, rinsed my other snacks and, viola, I knocked five days of lunches down in less than an hour and for the cost of just one of my super fancy Financial District yuppie salads!

My tips are: make something that you can either make in one pan or that doesn’t require a lot of prep. Buy pre-cut veggies (fresh or frozen), and things like chicken breast tenderloins, to make the process faster. Even if you don’t want to make entire meals in one day, you can make a huge pot of quinoa or brown rice, portion your veggies out, and cook your proteins and that’ll make throwing together a healthy lunch a breeze!

Have you ever tried meal prepping? If you haven’t, why not?


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