See the way my writing is set up…

March 13, 2013 — 1 Comment

I wish I had some great reason why I’ve been slacking on writing new blog posts. It’s not for lack of want. If there’s anything in life that I have plenty of it’s good intentions. Sometimes there are just moments in life that can feel overwhelming. Everything always seems to happen — good or bad — at once. Or it does to me anyway.

Even though I’m an adult now and have given up childhood fantasies of things like being a ballerina, it doesn’t mean that I always have focus. Maybe it’s not that I lack focus, but rather it’s just that there are so many things to focus on that it’s hard to pick just one. Full-time job, part-time job, kids, significant other, gym, household duties, lessons, and the list goes on and on.

I mean, there is so much that one has to, wants to, or needs to do in life, isn’t there? There is always something that needs to be done. Always.

Just the other day I planned on writing a blog post. But, I  bought a new (to me) car and the process was almost physically painful and took forever. Before that, my boss dropped a last-minute project on me and those two things totally fried my brain. Plus, I’ve worked late several days in a row and it’s thrown off my schedule.

(If you haven’t seen the Kevin Hart routine I’ve borrowed this from you must, btw.)

See, the way my schedule is set up…

Then I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat for dinner which was especially stressful since I was already annoyed.

And I just had to spend time on Instagram looking at some of the great people I follow so that I could be inspired by looking at photos of toned bodies and “clean eats” and not inhale the six boxes of Girl Scout cookies on the fridge. (I needed to buy six, three from each cousin because three is my number and there are two of them and it had to be fair.)

Then, before I could write I also needed to research fun things to do at a slumber party for an eight year-old in case all the old stand by’s are boring. Kids these days, you know? So, when I could have should have been writing I was doing that.

And then there was the outfit I needed to put together for one of my girl’s birthday parties that was on Saturday, but a girl can never be too prepared, can she?

So, I needed to think about what I was going to wear (including accessories!) and look at some of my favorite stores online before I could sit and write. I mean, isn’t online shopping like yoga in the way it can calm and relax your mind just like deep breathing and meditation?

Until I realized time was slipping by and felt more stressed. I needed to write a blog post, you see.

But then there was homework that had to be checked.

And the baby wanted to nurse.

Since I didn’t meal prep this week so I had to make my  lunch for the following day all the while thinking I should write a detailed post on meal prepping for a busy mom. In fact, I was going to write a blog post because it’d only been a few days since my last one, right? Yep, as soon as I got finished doing everything else I was going to sit down and write something!

Writers, after all, write. That is what I was going to do.

But then the baby wanted to nurse.

Plus, I had already applied for a bunch of writing work the day before, so why did I really need to write anything. Being a writer doesn’t mean I actually have to, like, write all the time, does it? I could instead brainstorm ideas on all the cool blog posts I want to write and rought them in my mind.  So I started to make a mental list of all the cool topics I was going to blog about.

But, while I was doing that…

There was a phone call about something or other, a stomach ache, and someone else whining about something. There were bills that had to be paid, and accounts that had to be reconciled. 

Ok, I admit all that happened earlier in the day but I done all that and it had stressed me out, so I needed another break.

To check out Facebook. Because real life happens on Facebook, doesn’t it? What if I missed some hilarious Grumpy Cat meme? I could brainstorm and mentally write my blog posts after I finished with Facebook. In fact, I would!

And then the baby wanted to nurse. Again.

Somewhere in between all of that A. and I got into a spat about chicken thighs and whether I told him to sit down or not. (It was just as ridiculous and confusing at the time, believe me.) Spats are always a buzz kill so I need to find a way to relax and then I could write.

After all, one can only mentally write so much in their mind and still remember it.

But by then it was time for a snack and if I don’t eat at regular intervals my blood sugar gets low which tends to make me even crankier than I already was. There didn’t seem to be anything I wanted to eat for a snack either, so I just stood in front of the fridge door open waiting for something delicious to magically appear. It was frustrating.

See the way my body is set up…

After which, naturally, the baby wanted to nurse.

There are so many things that I want to do on a daily basis, but sometimes the reality of everything that’s going on around me is stifling. So I freeze like a deer caught in headlights unable to move. I focus on inconsequential crap that matters not and only dwindles away time that I could be busy being productive.

The ironic thing is that frittering away my time makes me feel so crazy busy and overwhelmed. Not all the time, but sometimes.

And really, that’s kind of a metaphor for life for a lot of folks. We’re so caught up in the meaningless crap that we lose sight of what’s really important. We churn our wheels but really don’t move forward. Not that everyday has to be productive.

There are days when doing nothing is the best thing that any one of us can do. But, I really did want to write a blog post and somehow I let the crap run me ragged until I had no energy for something that actually would have made me happy. I had every intention of writing a super funny, intelligent and witty blog post and then life happened.

See, the way my life is set up…

But today is a new day. And here I sit and write feeling calm, productive and focused. Because some days are just shitty and we will sweat the small crap, the meaningless crap, and the mundane. And that’s okay because on other days we’ll be so productive and bad ass we’ll marvel at ourselves.

How do you handle days when you feel overwhelmed?


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    Which all goes to show you really are a writer. Enjoyed the piece and can REALLY relate!

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