Is that weird, taking my Louis Vuitton bag camping?

July 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

I am a girly girl.

I love pastel colors and lip-gloss.

I am scared of bugs.

I don’t dig dirt, or sports unless you count shopping as a sport.

As a kid, I remember my dad forcing us to go camping. We hiked with hiking backpacks and I’m pretty sure we complained the entire way.

Well, except for when I was literally crying because my backpack was too heavy, it was too hot, and my knee hurt.

I remember being scared to sleep at night because there were bears there.

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And not cute bears like Paddington Bear or Winnie the Pooh, but real bears. Bears that are wild and free. Bears that might enjoy a snack of a little brown girl with blond hair, and her brother for dessert!

My dad gave us pans and told us to bang them if we heard a bear outside the tent. Because, you know, it’s reassuring to tell someone who is already worried they’re going to be eaten by a bear that a pot and pan is going to save them.

I’m not sure I slept at all that night.

The next day we saw bears. They were huge and brown and furry. (Shocking, right?) And they were peaceful and calm and just walking around.

They looked at us and kept on moving.

We didn’t bother them and they didn’t bother us.

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How cool is it to see a bear?

Well, it’s actually very cool.

With the warm weather and talks with friends I’ve suddenly decided that I want to take my kids camping. I want to make GAPS-legal s’mores and cook organic grass-fed beef hot dogs over a campfire while telling ghost stories (or just stories at least).

I want to walk with muddy shoes and swim or raft in lakes, hike through nature, and breathe clean air.

I want my kids to look up at the sky at night and realize that there are more stars than they can ever count.

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See, living in the city means that you can’t really see the stars. You see them but there aren’t that many.

But when you’re outside of the city, the sky is like a dark velvet cloth with sparkles all over it. So many stars that it would take two life times to wish on all of them.

Sure, it means I’ll have to deal with bugs and no so fun stuff, but the experience will be amazing.

Do you go camping? Do you have any tips for surviving a camping trip with small kids?


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