{Macaroni Bites} Just Food

August 7, 2013 — Leave a comment

We’re still figuring out what is and what isn’t working for Macaroni in terms of food. I wish I could say it was easy but it’s really not.

She’s still eating a mostly Paleo/GAPS hybrid diet and it’s healing her but I still feel like something is missing. It may not be that she’s eating something inflammatory but rather that she’s missing a vitamin or mineral.

We’re going to see a Naturopath who will hopefully shed light on the situation, but in the meantime we’re still healing with just food.

gluten-free oats with water, unsweetened cocoa powder, cooked with filtered water and gelatin and topped with hemp seeds and frozen raspberries and sweetened with stevia.

I’ve started to allow her to have a little gluten-free oats just to see how she would react. So far, we haven’t noticed anything new or bad. It’s not going to be an everyday regular thing, but it’s nice to have something new in her diet.

eggs scrambled with broccoli slaw, chicken apple sausage, and kale served with zucchini fritters.

Most of her breakfasts look something like this.

egg fritatta with spinach and chicken apple sausage and kiwi.

She’s having lots of eggs in different forms. We’re not scared of eggs in our house.

sweet potato bun, organic grassfed burger topped with spinach, side of organic green beans cooked.

I was happy to find an alternative to lettuce buns, which we’re both kind of sick of. Since Macaroni has nut allergies, a lot of the typical alternatives to make bread-like products are off the table since the base is often almond or coconut flour.

organic grassfed burger on sweet potato bun with spinach and organic feta cheese, and side of organic greenbeans.

Stari’s burger was topped with organic feta cheese. Both girls declared this meal the most delicious thing ever. I agreed. The sweet potato mixed nicely with the other flavors. To make the “buns” i just mixed cooked sweet potato with egg, lots of savory seasonings and baking soda and cooked on low in a pan.

Macaroni has a wicked sweet tooth and asks for dessert every single night.

Every. Single. Night.

To curb this I’ve been just saying no or offering one of these watermelon popsicles which are a treat but not that bad. I took organic watermelon and blended it until it was a juice and put into molds to freeze. So easy and so delicious!

What have your kids been noshing on? I’d love to hear some ideas for breakfasts!


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