School House Rock

August 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

Last week was the first week of school! Parents everywhere breathed a sigh of relief.

The kids were excited, especially Macaroni who started a new school this year – a school without uniforms!

The weekend before school started both girls carefully picked out the outfits they were going to wear and hung them neatly on hangers complete with accessories.

Since they’re going to the same school they coordinated outfits.

Even Lovebug got in on the action and picked out her very first backpack!

Unfortunately, Brother wouldn’t let me snap any pictures of him.

I think our conversation went something like:

Me: Hey, let me take a picture of you before you leave.

Brother: No.

Me: Aw… c’mon, it’s the first day of school.

Brother: (sighing) Mom, no.

Sometimes teenagers can be somewhat of a buzzkill.  And sometimes they just don’t want their moms putting pictures up on their blog.

Anywho… there were three girls who were more than happy to pose for pictures…

Macaroni went to a summer program with some kids from her school and also there are a couple girls from ballet in her class, so the first day wasn’t quite so scary.

This year will be the first time Macaroni has a male teacher. When she discovered her teacher was a man she was bummed but so far he’s a lot of fun and “weird.”

Weird in the good way – not in the call the PTA and get a petition started way.

When they were brainstorming their ideas and mixing and matching their outfits and accessories it was such fun to watch – especially their outfits that they planned to wear on Kitty Club Day.

The Kitty Club is a club they created and planned on inviting their friends to join. Kitty Club members wear clothes with kitties on them and all the members bring cupcakes on their birthday.

They are also going to start having Kitty Club meetings because, you know, clubs need to have meetings, they told me.

Even though I don’t own any clothes with kitties on them, I’ve still be granted membership in the club.

Both Macaroni and Stari have the same Kitty Club jacket and shirt. Ironically, the day they wore their Kitty Club stuff I ended up wearing the same color pink and also gray.

Coincidence or Kitty Club magic?

Of course the focus on school isn’t about what you wear the first week but it is a fun way to help the girls get excited about school and to stimulate their imagination muscle through fashion.

What kids wear can not only be a form of personal expression but also a learning tool for everything from matching, to how many different ways you can wear one piece of clothing, to learning about colors.

It’s time for school and school rocks!


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