{Toddler Teachings} Mindfulness taught by my toddler

August 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

As a busy mom, it’s easy to get caught up on the everyday humdrum things. There is just so much to do!

When you throw together a handful of kids, a full-time job, chores and bills, and sleep deprivation – oh my! – it’s a lot for anyone to handle.

It’s no wonder that so many of us feel overwhelmed, overworked, undervalued and may not be enjoying our lives as much as we could be (and in all honesty were born to).

There are days when I’ve woken up and  thought, “It’s time to get up already,” “Work is going to suck,” “I’m sooooooooooo tired,” or immediately started crossing off the many things that I needed to get done that day.

Obviously, starting the day like that is not only bad for the psyche but pretty much assures that you’ll have a shitty day.

This is not the way to start a day, the way to live, and is in opposite of having a happy life. It is, however, quite possibly the quick road to depression, burnout and physical and emotional ails.

When Lovebug wakes up she’s pretty much always in a good mood.

Even if she hasn’t slept well, she opens her eyes with a smile, as if to say, “Hello world, I’m so happy to see you again! I am here and I am ready for you!”

She usually rolls over to hug me or pat “Dada” a loving good morning and often starts to clap. Sometimes she calls out for one of her sisters to tell them good morning too.

She is laughing and giggling and happy with joy that is pure. She is living in the moment.

Sure, her diaper may be soaking wet and if it’s been a really bad night her jammies too. She may have tossed and turned due to teething pain, or growing pains, or whatever. She may have fought going to sleep the night before, or had a not so hot day.

But she wakes up everyday with a smile.

In that moment, everything in her life is okay. It’s actually better than okay – it’s great because she woke up and it’s a new day!

She’s just so damn happy. Just to wake up.

Children truly are our teachers. They remind us of the little things, like the fact that waking up is something to be happy about.

Lovebug’s clapping reminds me that I should have gratitude for the day, for the moment, for the love that surrounds me.

Her laughter tells me that I should be mindful and live in the present because it’s a gift. (So cliche but so true!)

I don’t need to start worrying about all the things in the future that may or may not come to be, or immediately start focusing my attention (energy) on things that will be there later. In fact, I shouldn’t focus on those things.

Instead, she tells me to wake up and be happy just because I woke up.

With her sweet baby laughter she reminds me that a new day is reason enough for excitement.

And she’s right.

The great thing is that when you start your day with mindfulness, feeling fully present, you set your intention for the rest of the day. No matter what comes your way, even the not so fun crap that’s out of control like missing your train or burning breakfast or whatever, when you start the day the right way it’s easier to shake it off.

Since we are all energy it makes sense that what we put out we attract back into our lives.

By starting the day with a smile and goodness, you’re attracting positive energy back into your life. All “hippy woo-woo” talk aside, it really is true.

Not only that but it feels so much better than waking up feeling like Oscar the Grouch (even if your bed-head makes you look like him!).

There are a few things that you can do show yourself a little self-love and help get your day started out right:


Before your feet touch the ground, take a moment to center yourself and just breathe in silence. I actually try to wake up before Lovebug so that I can have 20 minutes to meditate. I have been doing a Chakra Cleanse meditation (unguided a.k.a. free version) but there is also the mp3 guided version.

{There are lots of different guided meditations available for free on YouTube if you want something to help you along the process.}

When you meditate you’re not only clearing your mind and starting the day in a calm way, but you’re raising your unique energy field which helps you feel good, attract abundance in your life, and keeps toxic things and energy that you’d rather not have around from crashing your happy party.

{Before you tell me you can’t sit still, don’t have 20 minutes, or you can’t quiet your mind – TRY IT! I had a hard time in the beginning (and sometimes still do) but it gets easier with time and I always am happy and feel great afterwards.}

Give Thanks

Express gratitude for five good things in your life out loud or say them quietly to yourself. Write them down or thank the Universe, the One, God, Goddess or whatever higher power you believe in. By expressing gratitude for what you have, you’re welcoming more groovy vibes into to your life.

Cause we are the mirrors of our life, right? Whatever we’re putting out we get back.

Sun Salutation 

Now, I am a pretty newbie yogi but doing a simple Sun Salutation can help get your blood flowing and get your body singing. It’s also a good warm up before meditating so if you do this and then meditate you’re really setting yourself up to feel great.


Keep a journal by your bed and write your first thoughts, your dreams, your intentions for the day, or anything you want. Take the moment for quiet reflection and allow your inner creativity or intuition to come to the front.

Listen to Your Favorite Jam 

If you have a song that just gets you going, throw it on while you shower or cook breakfast. Dance around while you get dressed. Feel the music. Feel the love!

Is there a lesson that you’ve learned from a child? Tell me about it in the comments! This is a place to share and learn from each other, so please get involved.


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