Scream & Shout and Dance It All Out

October 9, 2013 — 2 Comments

My Grandma died. I am heartbroken. It hurts more than I can say in words.

Yesterday I read this great post on Belinda Davidson’s blog about dancing through ego. Using dance as a way of release.

This morning I woke up feeling all kinds of indigo blue. I had a good cry while Dada hugged me. In the shower, I realized I felt like I wanted to scream and shout because of the anger and hurt.

Suddenly, I heard this song in my mind. I decided that I wanted to really hear it and to dance it out like Belinda suggested. (See, there are no coincidences in life. That post came right when I needed it.)

I danced and swayed and jumped and moved my hips and threw my hands up and my sadness slid off my body and onto the floor like a silk slip. The pain was replaced with joy and just feelings of gratitude for love and family.

Cause I was feeling down and now I’m feeling better.

Life is rough folks, sometimes we gotta scream and shout and dance it all out.


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