How blessings brighten as they take their flight. – Edward Young

October 28, 2013 — Leave a comment

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The other day we went shopping at one of our favorite local health food stores. Every time we go there is usually someone there at the exit of the parking lot who is asking for spare change.

On this trip the only space available was a tiny space that I wasn’t sure I could get into easily. I’m not the best driver to say the least.

There was a gentleman standing selling Street Sheets near the exit. He saw me getting ready to exit the lot to go around the corner and come back in the hopes of finding an easier space to get into.

“You can do it,” he said to me as I headed in his direction. (My window was open since it was warm.)

“Just back in,” he nodded winking. He wore a worn but tidy sweater. His head and beard peppered with gray and nicely groomed, I noted.

My face must have given away the clear worry of yet another dent in my car or, even worse, hitting the Mercedes parked next to me. (You might be surprised to learn that insurance companies think it’s your fault when you hit a parked car. I learned this the hard way!)

He walked closer to me with his hand up to stop the car pulling in behind and guided me into the space.

“Cut your wheel hard to the left,” and I did. “Now turn to the right,” and I did.

“You’ve got it, you’ve got it… there you go.”

I breathed a shy of relief as the kids tumbled out of the car staring at “that homeless guy” suspiciously. He had gone back to his post and stood there like a proper gentleman, his job done.

“Thank you,” I called out to him waiving.

He said something sweet in return, clearly not expecting a tip. He was just trying to help another person he saw who needed help.

On our way out the store, as we drove past the man, I thanked him again for all his help and handed him some money. As we pulled out and away the girls asked me, “Why did you give him money?”

“Bless to be blessed,” was my reply.

Bless to be blessed.

“What does that mean,” the girls asked.

I told them that we do good things and in return good things happen to us. We bless others and we are blessed both in the good feelings from doing for others and that we also receive other blessings.

See, that man had blessed me.

He helped me save time and gas getting into a parking space. He helped reassure me that I could do it and in the future I know how to get my big booty car into a smaller space. We made it to the school’s Halloween dance on time. And we felt good, and he felt good. Deep down, I think most people want to help and be of service even if only in some small way.

It had been a miracle, of sorts. I pulled up stressed, frazzled and in a hurry and left feeling like I’d had a great encounter with another human. I was reminded that everyone has something to give and that we should give without expectation of return.

We should give and help because it feels good. We are blessed not only because of our ability to give which, in and of itself is a blessing, but also in the act of blessing others.

There are so many ways we can bless others with simple acts of kindness. When we do this, we invite a flow of positivity and good energy into our own lives. Plus, it just feels good to be a good person, ya know?

What blessing have you given or received recently?


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