{The Word} Be Love, Beloved

November 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

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I used to write poems

All the time

Sad poems about broken hearts

Before I knew what real suffering was

The way a broken heart can literally make your heart feel broken

Make your world crumble and fall to pieces

Like the crust of mama’s apple pie

See, I used to write poems

All vibrant and full of color

That they literally jumped off the page

Taking on a life of their own

Because love makes you feel like anything is possible

Like you are suddenly special because you are loved

I wrote a few riot poems

Poems about fear

But mostly I wrote poems about heartbreak

Which seemed to happen too often

Making me question whether love was a mistake

A cruel joke, a Ground Hog’s Day but instead

Everyday is Valentine’s Day

And I was the only one without a Valetine

Over and over, over and over again

I poured my tears on to the page and called it poetry

And called it art

You need to bleed and hurt to make art, I thought

Life is pain

Van Gough cut off his ear, Virgina Wolfe committed suicide

But I grew tired of crying

of hurting

of love

So I stopped writing poetry

And stopped wanting to feel and stopped trying to love

But the words called out to me

In the quiet of the night

They ran back and forth in my mind

Until I couldn’t sleep

They called out to me

Exhausted, weeping I asked what they wanted of me

Love, they said

Love, and more love

Create love, be love, write love

Be love, beloved

And write with your heart

Until there is no more hurt

And all that remains is love

In the form of poetry.


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