Like the Life You’re Living, Live the Life You Like

March 4, 2014 — Leave a comment

You can like the life you’re living, you can live the life you like. – Roxie Hart, Chicago

Some mornings my Facebook feed is littered with complaints. Complaints about someone’s boss, not being able to find a parking space, or going out to eat and the meal being overpriced and crappy.

And while I validate that all these things can suck they’re first world problems, you know? Problems that come with having a certain level of privilege.

I also see other posts, usually from the same few people, that are peppered with sadness.

There is a lot of talk on blogs about how Facebook can be a curated version of a person’s life. Even I have written about that and how we shouldn’t compare our daily lives to someone’s highlight reel. But, the sad posts filled with what seems like so much pain, hurt and frustration are harder to ignore. It’s the anti-highlight reel.

No matter what happens in life, we always have a choice, and I think that’s something that we forget when we focus on all the things that are going wrong, all the bad crap. We always have a choice.

You can like the life you’re living, you can live the life you like.

And that’s good. Isn’t it grand? Isn’t it great? Isn’t it swell? Isn’t it fun? Isn’t it?

If you don’t like the way something is going in your life you can trust, like the famous Coco Chanel quote, that anything you don’t like will have an opposite that you will like. You can invent yourself and your life.

And that’s good, isn’t it?

Don’t like your job? Work to change it.

In an unfulfilling relationship? End it.

Feeling off balance? Take time to sit in silence until you feel balanced.

Feel like something is missing from you life? Do some honest soul searching with your friends, a life coach, or a therapist.

On the flipside, you also have the option to like the life you’re living right now. Even though everything may not be perfect, you can make a conscious choice to like your life. It may sound complicated, but it’s really quite easy.

The first step is to make the choice to like the life you’re living, or live the life you like. Or both.

If you want to like the life you’re living, the best way to start is by appreciating everything that already makes your life so awesome. Because no matter how shitty a day may seem, or how fucked up a year you might be having, the truth is that there is something good in your life if you only look to see it.

Call me Pollyanna if you want to, but it’s just as easy to look on the bright-side as the negative side. It just feels a lot better to look on the bright-side. And, no, that doesn’t meant that you won’t have bad days.

You will have bad days, and you will feel bad sometimes because that’s apart of life. But that doesn’t have to be the overall tone of your life on a regular basis.

Happiness is not some complicated mystery that only happens when everything in your life aligns perfectly with the cosmos.

Happiness is very frequently a choice, a conscious decision to feel good rather than bad. It’s a change in perception from fear to love.

You also have the option to live the life you like.

It’s no secret that my life has not always been sunshine and roses. I’ve worked several years in a job that was not my calling. I’ve been through a difficult marriage, divorce, and being a young single mother.

I’ve battled depression, PTSD and anxiety. I’ve also had amazing experiences, wonderful opportunities, and been so surrounded by love and joy that it feels unreal.

Even though I’ve sometimes worn the role of the victim like a warm winter coat.

I’ve also worn the string bikini of “fuck it, you only live once so I’m going balls to the wall with happiness.”

The only difference between the two, is that I decided that I didn’t want to feel bad anymore.

Not like that.

Not ever again.

I took responsibility for my life and everything in it, and realized how many wonderful things are in my life and there are to be grateful for on a daily basis.That doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days: I do. It doesn’t mean that I’m 100% satisfied with every aspect of my life right now: I’m not.

What it does mean is that I’m liking the life I’m living as best as I can by making a conscious effort to see good and change my perception about “bad” things that come my way, and living the life I like by taking action to have that life.

When everything seems to be falling down around me, I can choose to let it take me down with it or I can say, “that sucks” and keep it moving. And how awesome is that to be able to have that choice?

And I’ll let you in on a little secret – you have that option too!

Isn’t it grand? Isn’t it swell? Isn’t it?


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